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Point of sales software Services in pakistan


FLAT MAD SEO company is not only dealing in digital marketing services. But on the local level, we are providing Point Of Sales (POS) software that is currently helping many retail and food businesses.  Our company is using an open-source POS software that is user-friendly and efficient in generating bills and stock inventory updating system.

We develop the POS software according to Pakistan’s local market’s requirements. Our POS software services have many features like stock inventory updates, control all the sales, create multiple accounts with restrictions, Suppliers Information storage, Customer purchase record, account reports, etc.

FLAT MAD Point Of Sales software is very economical even small retail shops can facilitate from its services. FLAT MAD can also provide you custom Point Of sales software according to your requirements. Contact us and describe your requirements, we will definitely meet your expectations in all aspects e.g. budget and Point of sales software functionality.

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BEST POINT OF SALES SOFTWARE Flat Mad POS Software Services In Pakistan

We are going to give a boost to your business. So, now you increase your sales efficiency up to 70% by using our Point Of Sales services in Pakistan.


FLAT MAD Point of sales provides a sales system with a very friendly user-interface, even a new person can use it very easily. It keeps the record of each sales representation. Edit or refund sales option is now very easy. Can include customer name in the sales receipt. Hold and recall any sales at any time. Your salesperson can also add new customers in POS software.

POS Software Inventory Features

You can create combine or sell a collection of any product. POS software conveniently group products using unlimited categories and unlimited sub-categories. You can store the image of each product so customers and salespeople can easily identify the item. It also helps you to monitor and track product's physical location in your inventory.

POS Suppliers Feature

POS software supplier's module includes key management reporting. You can set the contact details of each supplier and can connect a supplier to any number of products. Can easily view each supplier's product movement history. POS software can also set and check the credit history of each product. It will also keep you updated with all the activities of the supplier.

POS Customer Module Features

The customer module of FLAT MAD POS software includes many features like store customer contact details, create an individual account for each customer, assign a specific discount to a customer, additional notes for each customer's additional information, can also sets customer's credit limit, keep and track customer's transactions history, and a unique customer barcode or you can set a custom barcode or unique number. Barcodes are useful for customer loyalty, membership, and also for visibility on the sales screen.

POS Employee Features

An admin can allow or disallow the users from certain features. Now it's easy to record employee's attendance and holidays. FLAT MAD POS software service ensures the security and limitations of features to each employee. It maintains active and non-active users and assigns roles and activities. Admin can keep track of users logged on and logged off activities or check-in and check-out activities.

POS Report Features

Keep employee-related all reports including daily sales, performance, and ID information. Provide all customers' credit and debit reports, from day one. The most important your financial history, daily cash history, and taxes report. It also keeps you update with stock-in and stock-out history including the movement and performance of products. Sales reports including people, products, and payments. Suppliers' reports with associated products, and credit. You can also view the reports in the form of graphs, and charts as well.

Barcode Scanning

Find a product from your inventory by using a simple barcode scanning.

Cash Drawer

Keep your cash locked it will auto open with your billing printer.

Native Printer

The Native printer also called thermal printer connects with your POS and Cash drawer.

Retail Screen

Enjoy the specialist and standard retail screens' interface.
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