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February 3, 2021by Roomy Janjua0

Are you a new YouTuber and looking for how to grow a YouTube channel fast or get more views, likes, shares, subscriptions, and comments? Or you looking for YouTube Monetization? You are at the right place! You might have a comedy niche, entertainment niche, educational, gaming, or something else. Each topic niche has the same tricks that I have used to grow my YouTube channel from scratch. It takes just two months to monetize YouTube channels, and from that time, I was excited to share these tips with my audience.
If you are getting hurdles to grow a YouTube channel, then I would suggest you follow these tips to learn how to grow a YouTube channel fast, specifically when you want it to monetize.

Why Only YouTube?     

YouTube is one of the easiest and best ways to make money online. According to research, YouTube advertising revenue growth worth over $3 billion in the last year 2020. And expected revenue in 2021 is more than $5.5 billion. It means YouTube now becomes a most favorite site for internet users. Did you know YouTube got one billion views every day? It means it generates billions of hours a day. It looks like an amazing change in content styling and online earning.
Yet, people are facing too many hurdles in getting traffic on their YouTube channel. Most of them are making mistakes, while video uploading and many others are creating irrelevant content to the title and description. I have seen many people who start their YouTube channel for a handsome income, but they might have unable to grow their new YouTube channel. Because of demotivation or they might don’t know how to grow the YouTube channel fast.

YouTube Monetization

As we have discussed before that YouTube is also the best way to make money online because YouTube Monetization has quite limited requirements.

  1. 4000 Public watch hours.
  2. 1000 subscribers.
  3. Unique content.

Watch youtube content policy for unique content. In short, once you accomplish these requirements your YouTube monetization will be activated.

Facts of youtube monetization

Before You Create YouTube Channel

Before You Create YouTube Channel
Before YouTube Channel

I have found some very common mistakes people are doing on their YouTube Channel. I am going to share these mistakes with you, so you will get an idea if you are doing mistakes with your videos. Did you ever think?

  1. How to attract people to watch my videos?
  2. How to keep the audience’s attention for a long time?
  3. What are my best skills to show the audience?
  4. How do I get my competitors’ optimization techniques?
  5. Should I focus on one topic for my YouTube channel?
  6. How much time should I wait if I start YouTube Channel now?
  7. And more.

How to grow a YouTube channel fast

How to grow a youtube channel
How to Grow A YouTube Channel

Before starting the YouTube channel growth process, I want to mention that please never, never spy on anyone’s content. Because YouTube and google dislike spy content. I would suggest please read YouTube policies about content. 

YouTube Channel Growth Tips

  • Create your YouTube channel identity, not only with a youtube banner and logo but also by focusing on one topic.
  • Use relevant keywords in your video’s title and description. Install TubeBuddy chrome extension. It will explore your mind with many new keyword ideas.
  • Your title is the pawn who can even mate the king or become a queen. Use it and ask questions in it, such as “How to grow a YouTube channel fast”. Question excites people, and they expect an answer and start watching your video.
  • Revolve around your title, and answer the question you have mentioned in the title. A perfect answer will get auto shares, likes, and subscribe from the visitors.
  • Create an optimized thumbnail, use your keyword once in your thumbnail. Don’t have designing skills? Search out ready use designs app in your mobile play store or start using Canva.
  • YouTube allows 500 hashtags for each video. Apply all the suggested hashtags from tube buddy and also add more if you have in your mind. Populate your keywords in the tag section.
  • Focus on your first 10 seconds of the video because your starting lines of every video grab audience interest. The convincing start will increase watch time fast. An unconvincing start will ultimately increase your bounce rate. Have a look at What is bounce rate and How to control bounce rate?
  • Create high-quality content. Provide informational content and use a mic for a clear voice, lights for a bright look, and a camera for a clear video. Keep updating quality content regularly. Check these content writing services as well.      
  • Go on the live stream, at-least once a month. Deliver your knowledge to your audience and get in touch with them.
  • Keep reminding your viewers to like your video and also, subscribe to your channel. People ignore this step usually. 
  • Share your video to all your contact lists on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, and also Twitter.

These are the tips I am using in my YouTube channel and getting high traffic. If you are a new YouTuber then you have to check some important settings of your YouTube channel. Also, have a look at How to create a new YouTube channel in 2021?

Roomy Janjua

Roomy Janjua is a Digital Marketing expert and founder of FLATMAD Company. He helped out many businesses in their digital marketing success. You can contact Roomy Janjua by using the FLATMAD contact us process.

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