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February 7, 2021by Roomy Janjua0

Are you trying to create a new youtube channel? Let me tell you the secrets of how to create another youtube channel and how to open it to make money online.
You can create a new YouTube channel with some simple steps, and you can even earn by selling this skill as a service. Yes, you can make money in multiple ways with this simple skill. Because it looks like a simple recipe, but It’s quite technical when you create a new YouTube channel professionally.

Did you know, there are more than 31 million channels are on youtube. The number one YouTuber has more than 102 million subscribers. Why I’m telling you this? Just to let you know the importance of youtube. YouTubers are making a lot of money from YouTube channel. Many YouTubers are running multiple channels on youtube, and I suggest you create a second youtube channel. Especially, If you have more than one topic to show your audience. Byway, you can make another youtube channel with a single Gmail account.
Before going to learn the process of how to create a new or another youtube channel, I would like you to note some points and give a little time to think about them.

Before You Open a New YouTube Channel

before open a new youtube channel

  • Have you decided about your channel’s topic? Without having any subject, what will you display in your YouTube channel?
  • For how much time can you prolong your topic? Because you need consistency in providing videos.
  • Have you arranged the equipment to run your channel? You might need a computer with a video editor tool, camera, lights, mic, and internet availability.
  • Will you be the front face of the camera or, will you hire someone? Maybe you have a team. You can also use a whiteboard presentation of your content if you have much helpful and informative content.   
  • All set? How will your audience found your published video? Have you enough idea to grow your YouTube channel audience? You must know how you grow a YouTube channel
  • How much consistency you need in uploading new video content once you open a YouTube account. For this, do you need extra efforts or, you already have much delay in publishing a new video? Compromising on consistency may disturb your audience, ultimately channel growth.

There are many more elements you think of before you create a new YouTube channel. But to keep the focus on our topic, I’m not going to extend my discussion on it. Let’s have a look at the steps of making a new YouTube channel.

How to Create a New YouTube Channel

  • Login to your Gmail account, and if you don’t have one, then signup first.
  • Open YouTube and click at the top right sign of your Google account and select the first option of CREATE A CHANNEL
  • On the next screen, click on the “GET STARTED” button.
  • Select the “Use your name” option.
  • Here you created your YouTube channel. 
  • You can set up your profile picture, channel description, and other social media links in the next step. 

Create a Custom YouTube Channel

You can create a custom channel by selecting the ‘use a custom name’ option. This option is specifically for brand representation or to create a unique name, but this will create a new Google account.

  • Select Use a custom name
  • Write your channel name on Add channel name
  • Select the radio button option.
  • Click on CREATE button.
steps to create a new youtube channel
Select Create a channel.

Whatever the way you used to create a new youtube channel, please set all the field portions of YouTube channel settings. Write an accurate description that is accurately highlighting your channel. Try to place your channel’s name in the description portion. It will create impressions of your youtube channel in the search results.
Set an eye-catching logo, hire a professional to make a logo. Create a youtube banner that forces users to stay on your page. Create playlists in your channel. So your audience will easily find the desired information. Create a short introduction video and paste it into your channel’s introduction. Once a viewer who will come to your channel will view your autoplay introduction. Place your logo in the brand identity option. This identity logo will be visible at the bottom of each video.

how to create another youtube channel

How to Create Another YouTube Channel

You might have to show multiple topics on YouTube. For this, you should make another YouTube account. Creating another YouTube channel is as easy as you create a new YouTube channel. Let’s see the steps to create another channel.

  • Open YouTube and click at the top right sign of your Google account.
  • Select the settings option.
  • On the next screen, select Create a new channel.
  • Place the brand account name and select Create.
  • Here you created another YouTube channel. 
steps to create another youtube channeel

Creating a new YouTube channel is quite an easier task. But the creativity of the content is a bit technical or tricky task. In which the maintenance of your YouTube channel and consistency of your new live video content matter.

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