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February 13, 2021by Roomy Janjua0

There are too many ways to create an attraction of viewers to watch your youtube channel. You might have missed something to attract the viewers. Let’s have a look at how to attract viewers to your channel.
Online earning isn’t so easy as people expect usually. But when we talk about make money online, YouTube is the easiest way of online learning. As almost everyone knows about its simple requirements to complete 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers are necessary.
Have you ever think why people should watch Youtube videos?

How to attract viewers to watch youtube videos

Why People Watch Your Videos

People watch YouTube videos only for two reasons. One is for educational purposes, and the second for entertainment purposes. So why should they attract with your videos? Are you providing them information, or are you creating entertaining content to make an attraction? You can take your viewers’ attention by making exact relevant video content according to your video title. Doesn’t it make sense? Okay, do you know why people open your video? Only on two bases, your title and your thumbnail. If your video title and thumbnail seem useful for them, they will open it to get the information you are providing.


Now think, a user came to your video and read the video title ‘How to prepare a digital marketing strategy’ and saw the matching thumbnail while the viewer was searching the same content. He/she clicked on it to find out the solution or get an idea and what he saw in your video, a pizza-making recipe. Aah! will he stay on your video? Never. The user will try to avoid your channel.

why viewers watch youtube videos
Avoid These Mistakes

Let’s discuss another scenario. The user saw the same title and thumbnail. He is expecting information from your video is “how to create a marketing strategy, and he found “what is a digital marketing strategy. Haha! Well, this does not make any sense. You are losing your viewers this way. Ultimately your viewers are not attracting to watch YouTube videos you have published.

Do right things

Your video should provide exact information that is relevant to your video title and thumbnail. This one will be the first way to create attraction in your video. If you’re making these mistakes, I would recommend you to create a second youtube channel. Stop wasting your time on your current YouTube channel because viewers are not interested to see your channel.
So, create a second youtube channel. Start creating informative videos, and get the attention from your viewers to watch YouTube videos you share. This way, your subscribers will increase, and ultimately you will get a continuous increase in watch time hours, views, likes, and suggestions about new content. Have a look at how to create a second YouTube channel.

Attract Viewers to Watch YouTube Videos

We have already discussed the key elements to get the attention of viewers. Now I’m going to point out all the things you might need to keep in mind while you start work for your YouTube channel.

  • How to Face the Camera
  • Focus on Your Start Time
  • Create short YouTube Video 
  • Prepare sub-topics for internal links.
  • Upload Youtube Videos Consistently
  • YouTube On-page SEO
  • Answer Your Audience Questions
How to attract youtube viewers

How to Face the Camera

Get a fresh look before you come to the front of the camera. Be humble, and keep a joyful face. Your fresh look and joyful face shows a good appearance in front of audience, and they will be mentally forced to listen you once.

how to face the camera

start time of youtube video
Focus First 10 Seconds!

Focus on Your Start Time

Focus on your first 10 seconds of the starting time of your videos. It will make an impression on the viewer. If your start is motivational, enthusiastic, and accurate to your subject, then the viewer will watch your youtube video for the next 5 minutes at least. 

Create short YouTube Videos

If you are not providing tutorials, please cover your video topic within 5 to 8 minutes. A short video full of information will give you 100 percent traffic engagement. Not only that, you will start getting a bunch of subscribers as well. Because viewers don’t have time to view long videos. If you create long length videos, they might choose some other video relevant to your topic.

design short videos

prepare sub topics

Prepare sub-topics for internal links

Create sub-topics of your content and reference them in your main topic video. So, your videos will have a shorter time, and your viewers’ interest will force them to watch your next YouTube video. So, your viewer will keep engaged with your YouTube channel.

Upload YouTube Videos Consistently

Consistency and continuity in providing informative videos will keep your retained audience attached to your YouTube channel. Attachment with your YouTube channel will create trust. Did you know that only a trusted person can make influence a large audience? 

upload youtube videos

youtube SEO

Set Complete YouTube On-page SEO

Last but not least, after getting perfection in the above points, your video should be visible in front of your searchers. For this, you need to set all the SEO settings of your YouTube video. Hire an SEO expert for better results of SEO.

Answer Your Audience Questions

Try to answer all the frequent questions your audience will ask from you in the comment section. Your answers will help you to know what exactly people are trying to let know from your video and what you have missed in your video.

answer each comment

You are all set and good to go. These steps will attract viewers to watch YouTube videos you will publish. Maybe these points should be in detailed elaboration. Comment me if you have any questions in your mind, and I will come to you to the best of my knowledge. Create a second YouTube channel with a new name if your current channel is not attracting your audience. I hope these tips will help in increase YouTube videos watch time and attract viewers as well.

Roomy Janjua

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