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Graphic design is a process in which Designers solve various problems or communicate with Images, Typing, and many more. Passion for Graphic Designing is usually different because it becomes their passion if someone is involved with the subject. Generally, Sometimes people are naturally creative, and they can understand or learn quickly about it.

But many of the time, they need to use this vast field to earn money. The term “Graphic Design is My Passion” is commonly used on the internet where the individual designer or firms that show their work. It generally explains your talent and leads to the whole world how much you are involved in it.

Whenever you are passionate about something, it is natural for you to learn about designing and spend plenty of time on it. You probably spend plenty of time developing something new for others. Develop various sites where you can show your work. At the start of your passion, you probably want other people to like your work & follow it and reply with excellent comments.

There are so many other posts that are available on the same topic, but we are tiring to help everyone that realizes how much you should be passionate about Graphic Designing.

They are designing something accessible for everyone that is only for those who are settled already. Most people make Graphic Designing their passion because they need to earn money. In this article, we explain some popular methods which become your full-time income source.

You probably need thousands of high-quality amazing images for free on so many other websites. These are generally created by various Graphic Designers who like designing and show their work to people for free. A famous site is Pixabay, where millions of people are using images for their sites & almost thousands of photos are already uploaded free for all. And everyone can use them at any time.

Stages of Passion for Graphic Designing

It is not very easy for everyone to become passionate about Graphic Designing. Because designing a bit complicated but interested. And everything started slowing with time, and it can also take plenty of time after someone probably realize Graphic Design becomes their passion already. There are different four stages:

  1. Discovery
  2. Learning
  3. Planning

Stage1 (Discovery)

The first stage is about discovery whenever you start showing your interest in Graphic Designing. Then you have to discover it. You can understand it with some examples. Here we explain one:

  • Someone probably starts to think about earning money online. Blogging or Affiliate marketing is always the best way, but Graphics Designing is famous too. It is time when someone probably discovers their passion for Graphic Designing and they have to start to think about learning and understanding it.

Stage 2 (Learning)

It’s time whenever you decide about learning and searching for more about the topic. The best way to search for it is to watch YouTube videos because it is best to learn everything for free.

You probably contact some other designer, and you can ask them for help where to start and many others. But it is the stage when you start struggling, and you probably realize that it is time to take your passion to the next level.

It is an important stage because some people probably give up because of some reason. If you do Graphic Designing your passion for earning money, then you may search for some other source and forget about this one.

Stage 3 (Planning)

The final stage where you decide about what is your plan or How you can convert your passion for money or becoming famous? It is a time when you already learn everything you need to know, and you also decided what you are going to do about it.

Graphic Design is My Passion” can make many of money. All you have to do is work your method around. It.is, not like your passion, is only words from you.

What Is Editorial Design?

Editorial design is a subset of graphic design. Usually, the editorial has mentioned designing for newspapers, magazines, and books. Nowadays, it also refers to designing for online publications.

The editorial design has an outstanding impact on how written knowledge is understood. An editorial designer has numerous things to think about, from typography to format to graphics and illustrations.

The editorial design aims to make publications more attractive, visually interesting, and straightforward to read. Good editorial design is, united clear and draws readers.

Editorial Design History

Let’s know something about the history of the editorial. Editorial design is an ancient art form. To understand editorial design history, we have to go as far back as the beginning of writing itself.

Humans have been designing and creating written texts for many years and more than 5,000 years, ever since cuneiform script development in Mesopotamia around 3200 B.C. The Sumerian clay tablet below is an excellent example of the use of the cuneiform script.

Publication design

Publication designing is the practice of layout and graphic design for printed matter. Publication design requires an understanding of the kind of that publication like books, comics, novels and that’s an amusing one journals, and, of course, papers.

Publications designing are for long-form pieces that usually communicate with an audience through the public. They have conventionally been a print medium. Publication design is the best type of design think books, newspapers, magazines, and other catalogs. However, there is recently an essential rise in digital publishing.

Cartoon styles design

A cartoon style is a kind of illustration, or occasionally animated, typically in a non-realistic or semi-realistic style. The specific meaning of cartoon-style designing has evolved, but the modern usage generally refers to either an image or series of ideas likely for satire,  caricature, or humor; or a stirring image that depends on a sequence of illustrations.

However, there is someone who develops cartoons in the first sense that is called a cartoonist, and in the second sense, they are typically called an animator.

Different Cartoon Styles

There are so many cartoons drawing styles and types that you can learn from and get inspired. From simple cartoon drawing styles to popular ones that you hold seeing in shirts, the T.V., and Youtube, there is no end to them! Let’s have a look at its types.

  • Old Cartoon Drawing Style
  • Modern Cartoon Style
  • Realistic Cartoon Style
  • Japanese Cartoon Art Styles
  • Unique cartoon art styles
  • Minimalist cartoon art styles

Methods to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

There are so many methods that you can choose to earn money as a graphic designer.

  • Build your profile
  • Freelancing
  • Real job
  • Own blog

The First Method- Build Your Profile

The One and easy method with so many advantages is building profiles on different websites. The process is so simple where you can create accounts on sites like fiver, Pinterest, Art Station, Deviant Art, Instagram, and many others and then start adding amazing unique Pictures to your profile. This is the best way to discover your profile.

You must notice that there are great platforms with millions of active users every day. So people will start seeing your work and follow you. After that, Your follower’s list will enhance quickly if you continue to update with new unique art, connect with other people, and answer everyone.

Your key objective should be to raise your followers and take it to over 1 million at the start of some months. It.is a long process, but whenever you build your profile and unique followers, you cant imagine advantages. Millions of free pictures are already possible, and you can edit them with your creativity, make them well.

Some simple methods to get more advantage are providing traffic to other sites, selling amazon products, and promoting other people. Even you can get several dollars to share some videos for a fixed time on your profile. It is all about designing and Your passion for Graphic Designing.

Second method-Freelancing

Many websites like Upwork, Freelancer & Fiverr are created to give services work to good experiences. You can generate your profile on these sites, and you can start with low benefits. Create unique logos, design sites, or probably some other graphic designing-related works.

Third Method- Original Job

An original job as a Graphic Designer is tough to get you nowadays. But you should understand that if you are well at your work and can easily give different companies with samples of your creation, it is straightforward. There are so many other ways which you can follow to get real jobs.

Four Methods-Own Blogs

Creating your website is long-lasting work. It is like you to design your art on various topics, share on-site and some other social media. It will take time when people will start following you, and you probably get thousands of active visitors.

Final Verdict

Graphic Design is My Passion. This is not just a statement, but it is more than a statement. Graphic Design is My Passion is a statement that shows each and everyone who you are and what you design. The statement is used as an appearance by graphic design companies, discernible artists, and self-related graphic designers in self-advertisement divide their work with everybody on the internet.

There are so many other important types of graphic designing such as editorial design, publication design, and cartoon style design. Above you will read all important information about them to know

Graphic Design is My Passion is generally an impression frequently used by visual artists or graphic design organization in self-advertisement. In this article, we discuss graphic designing and graphic designing as your passion. We explain all in detail we hope you will understand clearly.

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