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June 18, 2021by Roomy Janjua0

To start earning money from YouTube, you must first need to meet the criteria for the YouTube Partner Program. And as you might know, these criteria are  1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours from the previous 12 months. If this is difficult for you to grasp, consider this: 4000 watch hours is the equivalent of a single person watching your videos – continuously, every day and every hour – for 6 months! But, I am not here to tell you how much of  a difficult milestone this is, especially if you are a beginner. You already know that.  But also, I’m not here to discourage you!  In fact, with the right techniques, the path to success and monetization on YouTube is not that hard and there are plenty of tips and tricks to get 4000 hours fast. So, let’s see some of the best techniques you can use to step up your channel to the next level and reach all the monetization requirements.

Enhance the appearance and “personality” of Your Channel

The viewers’ first impression of your channel must be positive, if not great. Your channel must convey to the viewers that you are a capable individual who is serious about his work on YouTube and who can produce quality content. You also want your channel to stand out, to be unique. As we like to say, to have its own “personality”.

The cover art, logo, and description for your channel must be of high quality and accurately represent you and your channel, and be unique. Don’t be afraid to add a funny line in your description!

Select a good niche

Select a good niche and master it

Then, you must bring one specific niche, be good at it and have a twist that makes it unique. Try to carve out a niche for yourself which you are good and passionate about it, master it, and focus the majority of your videos on topics related to that niche only. It conveys to the audience that you are an expert in that field and makes your channel grow faster than making videos about different topics every time.

It is critical to create videos on topics that will help you gain more views. The first thing to keep in mind is to be aware of current events and trends in order to create videos about them. It is also essential that there aren’t a lot of people making videos on the same topic; otherwise, as a beginner, your video won’t appear in search results because the high competition. To accomplish this, you must act quickly and create a video as soon as a new trend, news, or rumor emerges and you should avoid super popular niches as a beginner, as the competition is too much!

The better you pick a topic and the more you master it, the more views you will get. And the more views means more watch time too. But watch time is not only about views count, so, on the next tip we will see how to increase watch time despite the number of views.

Produce great videos to keep visitors longer

Quality is king, it was and will always be like that.

How your video appears to the viewer before they watch it ultimately determines whether or not they will watch it. Create an eye-catching title and an original description that accurately describes the video, giving it an interesting twist. And make an attractive, eye-catching thumbnail as it will help increase CTR, a major factor for ranking. 

As for the video content, use a high-quality camera and effective editing techniques.   The video should not appear to be the work of a novice. You can create thumbnails with Canva and edit videos with Camtasia, which are basic graphic softwares to start with, which will still help you give that great and professional look to your videos. 

Lastly, start your video with energy and not in a way that is boring or plain. Most users skip a video in the first seconds. If you want better retention and more watch time, you need to make a great intro which grabs users attention!

Remember this: if you want more watch time and views, viewers will have to stay on the video and enjoy it. If the content is not good, that will not happen.

Use social media to boost watch time

Use social media on a regular basis to build a following. Connect with your audience and interact with them. It is the best platform for promoting your new and previously released videos. You can send your videos to all of your friends and followers, and they will be reminded to watch them. You can share your videos on niche relevant social media pages and groups, so you will get relevant views with good watch time. And you can also join a Facebook group for watch time exchange. They do exist and can help you to reach the goal faster!

Buy watch hours

If you are not on a budget, you can also buy watch hours for your channels. There are many providers out there who sell watch time which will allow you to reach the 4000 marks very quickly. Just, make sure to find a reliable service as it could make a difference between harming your channel or actually growing its ranking other than hours. A good watch time service should have high retention and include a real promotion, such as watch hours by Lenos, which brings retention around 100% and shares to your video, to make sure your channel does not only get monetized quickly but also improves its ranking.

Final words

A beginner’s journey on YouTube is difficult because you must outperform thousands of already existing channels and compete for watch hours and views.  However, the methods listed above are some of the best and easiest that a beginner can use to improve his YouTube performance and get 4000 watch hours faster. So, if you use these methods correctly, you won’t be far from your first YouTube earnings. Best of luck!

Roomy Janjua

Roomy Janjua is a Digital Marketing expert and founder of FLATMAD Company. He helped out many businesses in their digital marketing success. You can contact Roomy Janjua by using the FLATMAD contact us process.

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